memoQ on Windows 10 – After the Dust has Settled

It has been a while since Microsoft stopped providing a free upgrade to Windows 10. I did manage to get my system upgraded back then, although it was a bumpy ride towards a usable CAT system with memoQ on Windows 10.

I think I managed to disable the peer to peer torrent style download of updates, which completely blocked my network. After that, it’s still pretty hard on the bandwidth, but it’s acceptable, since I do want to get all the updates as fast as possible, especially the security updates.

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the out of control restarting. When Windows restarted at the same time as I had the memoQ Web search window opened, it broke the Web search function beyond repair.
At least I couldn’t repair it, so I ended up removing all of memoQ from the PC and reinstalling it. Perhaps I should have asked memoQ support about it, but then again, it was a quick fix, that worked.

I still don’t know what went wrong with Web search, so now when I leave my PC, in the middle of a translation, I make sure that the Web search window is closed should Windows decide to restart due to some OS update. And from what I’ve read, I’m not the only one who thinks this is completely ridiculous, that you don’t have 100% control over the restart of the OS.

This is where it would have been great to have a memoQ Linux version, but until then I’m satisfied with using remote desktop from my Linux desktop into my Windows “CAT box”. Windows 10 is actually a pretty decent OS, except for the restarts.

I have never seen it crash with some error or throw the blue screen of death at me, so perhaps it’s because I’m using remote desktop, that I’m asking for trouble. Maybe there’s some kind of pop up warning that I don’t see through the remote desktop – which I hope there is 😉

All in all a tolerable setup, now that there’s no native Linux version of memoQ.

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