Hanging Out With the Translation Proz on International Translation Day 2015

I’m not sure if they meant pros like in professionals when they came up with the name ProZ.com, but at least the website is used by thousands of freelance translation professionals. This year the site hosted a virtual event series to celebrate the International Translation Day 2015.

I attended the two day event this year for the first time, and it was pretty good. I didn’t attend every single 1-hour seminar, but I did manage to attend some of them, from start to finish.

The event series was organized like a normal event, expect everything was taking place in cyberspace. This way you were able to save a lot of money on travel and accommodations, but of course it doesn’t give you the same intensity as a physical event.

I liked the live part of it, because I had a lot of work on my desk at the same time, so it was almost like meeting up with people, but at the same time I could get some work done during the presentation of subjects that I wasn’t interested in. I don’t think it was Skype that was used, but something similar with video conferencing abilities.

Several experts were doing presentations and people were able to ask questions via chat, and then the presenter would answer those questions together with the host. The first day was about CAT tools and software, and the second day was about different topics relevant for the freelance translator and other language professionals.

As a former electronics engineer I have a natural interest in software too, so it was interesting to hear about the tools on the first day. Kevin Dias is really on the move with his TM-Town, and it was also interesting to hear about how translators work not by typing, but by dictating their translations.

Of course the second day was also interesting and important, with topics focusing on marketing, sales and business. The event was very well put together, and as usual, Drew MacFadyen is an awesome host.

Do you have any networking and training tips that you want to share with other people working with language?

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