Are You Looking for Translation Jobs?

I have built a list of places on the internet where you can go to if you’re looking for translation jobs. I have found that there are a few big ones, where the jobs originally get posted, and then there are sites, where the jobs are reposted, which are not that useful, if you’re only doing freelance translation work.

You could also be doing freelance work in general from home, and then you could benefit from the sites, who are posting jobs related to freelancing in general. As a freelance translator looking for translation jobs I have found these sites to be the best:

  • (previously oDesk and Elance)

Although there are lots of jobs to be found on these sites, my focus has changed from the job boards, to the user/member directory of each site. I wrote about the reasons for that in this post: What I Have Learned About Translation Jobs Online

Usually you have to have a profile on a site in order to bid on the jobs, but that profile can be used for other things too. If you build a really good profile, then it will work for you 24/7 as a marketing tool.

The users who are posting translation jobs online can also see your profile, and go directly to you and offer you work. And you can go directly to them and offer your services.

Bidding on urgent jobs can get help you get a foot in the door, perhaps with an introductory offer from you. If not, maybe the clients who are posting jobs have a standard way of signing up new freelance translators, so you can bypass the job boards.

I’m not only looking at the job boards, but also approaching clients via the information on their profiles. There’s little excuse for sitting around waiting for the perfect job in very crowded places online, when you can be proactive and go through a virtually endless list of possible clients.

Do you have any tips for freelancers, who are looking for translation jobs online? Or perhaps offline?

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