My Own Translators Workplace

As a freelance translator I have been able to build my workplace at home. I amazes me how little it actually takes to build up a translators workplace.

That is of course due to the fact that we’re working with words, not physical materials. It might look simple but most of the workplace have grown halfway into cyberspace.


I have my desk, my chair and my computer equipment, and that’s pretty much it. From time to time I’m tempted to go and buy physical books or something, but my dictionaries are online and work very well.

There’s always the thought of the risk in the back of my mind, that if I somehow can’t get online into cyberspace, my business stops until the connection is restored. After a while I come to my senses, because an online connection is today almost as important as a connection to the waterworks.

We don’t discuss the connection to the waterworks anymore, so why should we discuss internet connection? It’s something that you just have.


The most important part of my workplace in the physical world, as compared to cyberspace, is my computer. There are actually three, one Linux desktop, one Windows desktop, and one Linux server.

I kinda like having my desktops for work, but I know it’s a limiting type of computer that I’ll have to be phasing out, if I truly want to take advantage of being a freelance translator.
It would be cool if I could travel around in another country and work, with my laptop, or tablet, to get a better understanding of my source languages, and of course to get new experiences outside of work.

As a freelance translator, or writer for that sake, you have a perfect opportunity to combine traveling with work.


One of the things I haven’t quite figured out yet, is how I’m going to live without my precious external computer monitors. I have two at the moment, and can’t imagine taking them with me on the road.

Unless I build a translation van and fill it up with all kinds of good stuff – how is that for a translators workplace? 😉

On my desk I have room for more monitors, and I’m going to install more as soon as I can get my hands on any. It will properly require an extra graphics card or two in my desktop computer, so a little bit of work is required to set that up.


On my screen I load up, The Translation Workplace, several times during the day, and I have memoQ 2015 running on my Windows desktop, and my desktop computer is backing up files to my server. All of this takes place on my lovely height adjustable table, except for my server, which is tucked away in another part of the basement, so I don’t have to listen to the noise from the fans.

I have realized that my own translators workplace is something that I can throw cash at just as fast as I can make it. Which is fun, because I very much like the efficiency boost I achieve every time I make an upgrade, even if it’s just a small one.

Do you have anything you want to share about your translators workplace?

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