How Much Money Can You Make Doing Translation Work?

Is it possible to earn a living doing translation work as a freelance translator? Well, it depends.

It’s not a matter of showing up and collecting a monthly salary. It depends on several things, for instance:

  1. How fast you can translate and still deliver the right quality
  2. How many hours you work
  3. What your rate per word is
  4. How many jobs there are in the market

As you translate more and more words, you’ll get faster and better and be able to deliver more and more, and you’ll make more money. Although there’s only a limited number of hours in a day, and you can’t control the market – you still set your own rate.

The price of a translation is as high as you can get a client to agree to. Urgent or difficult jobs might justify a higher price.

There is a certain reference point, provided by the website, and it is available here:

Average rates charged for translations:

It’s a good starting point, when you want check your rate calculations for your rate per word.

Do you have any tips on how to set your rates?

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