How to Enable Google Translate in OmegaT

Machine translation can be helpful during translation work, but how do you enable it in OmegaT? Of course you shouldn’t use it, if your clients have a policy against it, but that is most likely only a problem, if you’re translating confidential information.

I run OmegaT on Linux, and I start OmegaT from the terminal. In order to enable Google Translate I have to run the program with a special option like this:

java -jar -Dgoogle.api.key=*************************************** OmegaT.jar

OmegaT is a Java program, which is great because it will then run on many different platforms. The special option which is used to enable Google Translate is:


I’m using my own key which I got from Google (39 characters). They use it for billing each month, based on the amount of characters I have used, but it’s a very affordable service.

Replace the asterisks in the above command line with your own key to enable Google Translate in OmegaT. Also, make sure that Google Translate is selected in the OmegaT / Options / Machine Translate.

Do you have any CAT tool tips that you want to share?

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