3 Essential Tools For Succeeding in Freelance Translation

Are you familiar with these tools for translators?
  1. The ProZ.com Invoice System

    Using this great tool on ProZ.com allows you to get started fast as a freelance translator. You get a certain number of free invoices to begin with, but as a ProZ.com member, you get an unlimited number of invoices. It includes templates, that you just have to fill out, which shows you what kind of information is needed on an invoice.
    There’s a whole system behind this tool, that helps you keep track of contacts, correspondence, dates and more.

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  2. memoQ

    This is a CAT tool that I have used for a couple of jobs. I like working in this tool, as there are many cool features built into it. It has a very nice editor, and many people are using it, so you can find help in many places. It supports a lot of different source formats, and I would say it’s probably in the top 5 of best CAT tools out there. And, there’s a free trial version, so you can check it out. You can borrow a license to the full version from some clients, when you’re working on their jobs.

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  3. Wikipedia

    We all know Wikipedia, but you can use it as a translator, by finding the article in the source language, and if you’re lucky, you can scroll down and look in the left side of the screen and find the target language.
    This is useful if there’s a term in the source language, that you don’t understand. It’s not a bulletproof way to look up terms, but Wikipedia often crosses the borders of languages this way, because the same article is published in multiple languages.
    If the article is not available in your target language, you might find something useful in a language, that is similar.

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What tools are you using, that are helping you produce results?

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