How The Myers-Briggs Test Has Changed My Life

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.
~ Carl Jung


I used to be completely exhausted when I came home from work. I would go to all these meetings, that were very draining to me, with lots of people, and facts and arguments flying through the air. Decisions would be made based on the cold facts on the table, and weighing the different parameters against each other, like price, speed, quality etc. I would constantly be on my toes and in overdrive mode, because I didn’t feel at home in this work environment. Actually, the word ‘feel’ was given very little attention. It was almost an alien word or a scary word, that would have to be avoided.
Even the parties I used to go to would drain my energy. I was kinda like tossed around by the circumstances in my world, and that did cost me a lot of energy. It was just so much easier to turn on the TV at the end of the day, but that just presented even more circumstances that could throw me around.
Left with little energy to set a course, I would get nowhere. And why should I even go anywhere in my life? I was depressed.


Throughout the years I came across the concept of personality tests. It seemed unimportant to me, since people were divided on the subject, and because I didn’t really have any respect for something that couldn’t be measured in a way that was completely objective.
Here’s the thing: If you see something once, it might be a coincidence. When you see it twice, it may be weird. The third time – you listen. Somebody or something might be trying to tell you something. You owe it to yourself to check it out and form your own opinion.
The Myers-Briggs test brought me home in a way, to my self. With all the good stuff, and all the bad. Gradually I stopped pretending, that I was good at the bad stuff, and I realized, or remembered, that there were things I was actually good at.
I found out were I was, and that was the only way I could figure out a plan for getting to where I wanted to go. It’s like sitting in the car, waiting for the GPS to figure out, where you are, before it will spit out the route and the travel time.
Knowing where you are is not at all the same as staying where you are. It makes no sense. In fact, the opposite makes sense: Knowing where you are is the trigger, that will make you want to get moving – and leave you personality type behind.
For my part, I now have a great love-hate relationship, with my INFP personality.


Today, my life is full of words and feelings and meaning. Yes, I know what it says, and yes, I know what you said – but what is the meaning behind it? This is the blessing and the curse of the INFP personality. Just like the 15 other personalities have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s easier for me to accept other people, because I know we’re just different, not right or wrong. I’m strong and you’re strong, but I’m also weak, and you’re also weak.
I’m able to use my strengths to help people, and it’s not embarrassing to ask for help with the things I’m not so good at. Remembering that there is something I’m good at, and actually doing it on a daily basis gives me a lot of energy, and that gives me strength to help even more people.

No matter what personality type you are, I believe everybody should have their own blog as their virtual home on the Internet, where they can share their story. A place that is yours.

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    Fantastic post Thomas. I agree that it really helps to know exactly where and who you are so that you can use your strengths to move yourself forward. And not being afraid to ask for help.. that’s something I struggled with in the past but since I made the mental switch it’s been life changing. Love your insights 🙂

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      Glad to hear that you are doing so well, Jabeel!

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    Great post Thomas,
    I like your idea about knowing where you are not being the same as staying where you are ~ perfect.
    I remember taking this test years ago and it helped me immeasurably, I was a ‘feeling’ extrovert and was working with accountants ~ we didn’t really mesh. Knowing the personality types really helped me to get along with them better.
    It also got me moving, I now also blog and don’t work in that environment anymore.
    Thanks for sharing

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      Good to hear that you were able to move on, and not get stuck. Well done Tamara!

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