3 Translation Tool Hacks That Can Help You Translate More Words

Do you want to know how I hacked my tools so that I can now get even more work done in the same amount of time (and earn more money?) Here are a few of my tricks:
  1. Google Machine Translation in OmegaT

    This is a big no-no with some clients, as they don’t want Google to know what they’re working on, which is perfectly understandable. After all, Google is another company, not God.
    If you’re working on material that is going to end up on Google anyway as soon as possible, then it can be a help to activate the machine translation within OmegaT, so that you’ll have a translation suggestion from Google displayed directly in the program.
    If you want you can go ahead and start OmegaT with this command:
    java -jar -Dgoogle.api.key=***** OmegaT.jar
    Replace ***** with your own Google key.

    hack image

  2. Add a Second Screen

    You can save time by adding an extra screen to your computer setup, so you don’t have to switch between programs all the time. Also, it saves you time because it’s easier to maintain an overview of your project, and if you do get lost in all those windows, it’s easier to get back on track because there’s more room on your virtual desktop.

    hack image

  3. Use a Remote Desktop Program

    I have two PC’s, that I use for translation work. The first is running Linux, and the second is running Windows. If you don’t want to have two corresponding screens on your desk, you can install a remote desktop program and choose which desktop you want to have displayed on your one physical screen. Just turn on both computers, and log on remotely on the one that doesn’t have a screen attached, using the one with the screen. You could even move the second computer to another room, if you wanted to free up more space.
    Having only one screen also saves electricity.

    hack image

Do you have any great hacks that you want to share?

3 comments on “3 Translation Tool Hacks That Can Help You Translate More Words

  1. -

    I don’t do translation work, but I use dual screens for everything.

    I don’t even understand how people use computers without dual screen – LOL.

    I need my screen real-estate. 🙂


    • -

      I agree Paul. I’m actually thinking of adding a THIRD screen haha. 🙂

      • -

        Exactly – why would you limit yourself here? 😉

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