3 Lessons I Learned While Looking For Translation Jobs Online

Do you find it easy to dig up translation jobs on the Internet? Here are a few things I’ve learned about this process:


  1. This week I attended a free webinar presented by Maria Kopnitsky called “Meeting Clients at ProZ.com”, and it was packed with tips on how to find more jobs. One of the important points she made was, that the majority of the jobs on ProZ.com is NOT distributed through the job board, but instead through the directory.
    It actually makes sense, because I think clients can save a lot of time just picking a translator from the directory, instead of going through the hassle of creating job posts, answering emails, following up, answering questions, perhaps dealing with offended translators etc.
    So, if you have a ProZ.com profile, you would want it to shine. And I think that goes for every online translation workplace out there. I’ve seen lots of translator profiles, which are not even complete, so lots of work to do here.
  2. In an ideal free market you would have all sorts of translators and clients, making money in all kinds of ways. But who decides when a translation is good enough? Do they want speed, or quality? There are all kinds of requirements in a free market, so it all boils down to what kind of service you want to provide.
    Do you easily get bored with a text, and want a new one as fast as possible? Or do you prefer to really dig in and make sure every detail is covered in every possible way? Remember, you set your rate.
  3. China, oh China. Made in China. For a long time I’ve seen this as a negative label, and I have just automatically carried this belief over to my translation business.
    But lo, and behold, along comes a client from China, who wants to pay what I want, and with their first priority being quality. So in this case, if you want quality, and you’ve got the money to pay for it, then Made in China is the way to go.
Have you learned something valuable that you want to share with others?

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