3 Important Tools That Can Help You Translate More Words

What tools do you use as a freelance translator? Here are some of those I use almost every day:
  1. Headphones

    I use headphones when listening to music, but also as a way to keep out noise when translating. I don’t use them constantly, but sometimes it’s just nice to change the sound environment around you, and it helps me get more work done.
    An important feature of my headphones is that they’re wireless, so I don’t have to get entangled in a cord.

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  2. Noisli.com

    I use this web page together with my headphones to change the sound environment around me. It provides you with recordings of different natural and artificial environments, like being in the rain, the forest, near a fireplace, on a train etc. You can even combine the different environments as you want.

    Click Here to Learn More About Noisli.com

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  3. Linguee

    This is big online dictionary, that I use mostly for technical terms. It taps into for example the regulations of the European Union. It has a nice auto-suggestion feature when you’re typing in your search term.

    Click Here to Learn More About Linguee

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Do you know anyone who could benefit from this list of tools?

2 comments on “3 Important Tools That Can Help You Translate More Words

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    Great tips Thomas, I too sometimes find it easier to get work done when I can block out the external sound environment. What brand of wireless headphones do you recommend?

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      I have a pair of Philips headphones, model SHC5100. What I like about them is that they’re light, comfortable to wear, have a long battery life (10 hrs), with rechargeable batteries, and work over a long distance because they’re FM wireless (100 m). And, the price is low.
      What I don’t like about them is, that when they go into standby automatically and you’re still wearing them, you’ll hear a loud click, which is very annoying. And, the materials has a cheap look and feel.
      If you’re listening to something for hours and hours, I would recommend them.

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