3 Translation Hacks That Can Help You Become More Productive

Looking for ways to become more productive as a translator?
  1. Use a smartphone for email alerts

    If you’re looking for more translation jobs, you can use a smartphone to notify you, whenever a new interesting job has been posted. If you’re able to reply fast, then you can help clients get more work done too, when they are able to send the current job to you quickly and move on to the next.
    Remember to turn off the notification on the smartphone if you want to stay productive when translating the job you landed.

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  2. Listen to music

    Most of the time I prefer to translate in a quiet environment, especially one that is free of words coming at me from the outside via sound, but it’s also nice to be able change the environment, and add sound. I have found that music without any words in it, for example some types of jazz. The music will help me get in the zone or flow.

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  3. Upgrade your keyboard

    The easier it is to get your words transferred to your computer, the easier it is to get more work done. There’s probably always a better keyboard out there, so get the best you can afford, to make your life easier. Things like size, form, backlight and how easy it is to operate are important, and also something to be aware of when you buy a laptop.

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Do you know someone who might benefit from these translation productivity hacks?

4 comments on “3 Translation Hacks That Can Help You Become More Productive

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    Great post Thomas,
    Totally agree about the jazz music. Its so nice and so relaxing to have the music, but without the words it so much less distracting.

    • -

      If you can accept a small commercial here and there, then there are actually lots of interesting internet radios out there, with almost any kind of music you can think of.

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    Great tips Thomas, I totally agree having a good keyboard is important in any situation where you’re transferring words to your computer.. including blogging 🙂

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      I could easily spend $100 on a keyboard. The keyboard shown in the picture above has the same layout as those I grew up with. Insert, Home and Page Up are located above the arrow keys, with space around them, and I prefer it that way, compared to modern laptop keyboards or small handy keyboards, that keep getting smaller and smaller.

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