3 Most Informative OmegaT Videos

“OmegaT is used 1/3 as much as Wordfast, Déjà Vu and MemoQ, and 1/8 as much as the market leader Trados.”
~ Wikipedia.org
I think that is pretty impressive for a free, open source tool. Here a some videos that explain how to get started.
  1. First steps with OmegaT

    A nice introduction to OmegaT. Note, that there is a newer version available, so it looks a little different if you install the latest version.
  2. Machine translation in OmegaT for Windows

    Note that some clients don’t want to have parts of their source texts sent to Google and back, for security reasons. If you’re translating something that is going to end up on Google anyway, it probably doesn’t matter.
    In Linux you can start OmegaT via the command line like this:
    java -jar -Dgoogle.api.key=***** OmegaT.jar
    in order to activate the machine translation.
  3. Terminology recognition and auto-completer in OmegaT 3.0

    How to make life a whole lot easier by using the built-in glossary and tokenizer. Note that the current standard version of OmegaT is version 3.1.8.
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