3 Helpful Tools For Getting More Translation Work Done

“One only needs two tools in life:
WD-40 to make things go,
and duct tape to make them stop.”
~ G. Weilacher
Let’s apply some WD-40 to your translation business!
  1. OmegaT

    This is a CAT tool (Computer-Assisted Translation) that I have mentioned several times on my blog. I like it because it’s open source and free. It includes many features, like glossary and access to machine translation servers. It’s updated regularly and you can find videos on YouTube on how to use it.

    Click Here to Learn More About OmegaT

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  2. Linux Mint

    Just like OmegaT above you can also get an entire operating system for free. According to DistroWatch, Linux Mint is the most popular Linux distribution today, followed by Ubuntu and Debian. OmegaT runs perfectly on Linux Mint, which is used by many people around the world, so you can easily get support, if you run into technical challenges.

    Click Here to Learn More About Linux Mint

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  3. The ProZ.com Job Board

    At the moment there are “496,342 translation jobs posted”. You might find something you can translate 😉
    It contains a mix of jobs from agencies, direct clients, colleagues and more, with short, medium or long deadlines, you name it!
    Create a free account at ProZ.com to apply for the jobs.Click Here to Learn More About The ProZ.com Job Board

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Do you know someone who could need a little WD-40 in their translation business?

2 comments on “3 Helpful Tools For Getting More Translation Work Done

  1. -

    I’ve played with Linux in the past. It’s kind of fun to play around with it, but I always ended up going back to Windows for all the business software that I use. I couldn’t get used to Macs and their OS either. Always end up back to Windows. Guess I’m just used to it.

    Omega T sounds cool. Haven’t had a need to translate anything recently, but if I do I’ll def. check that out. Thanks!


    • -

      Linux is a great way to get started, because it’s free, but I also have Windows 7 installed, on another PC. I use it for commercial CAT tools like memoQ, SDL Trados Studio and office, so I can relate to that.
      If you want to play some more with Linux, I just recently installed PlayOnLinux, which allows you to install for example Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Star Wars, World Of Warcraft, just to name a few. There’s also CrossOver, for Linux, with support for many programs and games.

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