4 Useful Websites For Freelance Translators

Do you want to know which websites I go to that helps me make more money as a translator? Read on to find out.
  1. ProZ.com

    This is a large community of people working with language, if not the largest on the planet. You can have your own profile for free, and get access to directories of translation agencies and translators. There’s a forum, and it’s even possible to let ProZ.com handle your invoicing towards clients. You can become a paid member to get access to even more features. I go there almost every day.

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  2. TranslationDirectory.com

    This is a large portal for translation agencies and translators. I have set up my profile there, but I do not visit daily. Instead, I have set up job alerts in my language pair which gives me a good amount of potential jobs from job posts in my inbox. And also, agencies will often mass email translators in a particular language pair, and I often reply to those.

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  3. TranslatorsCafé.com

    Also a directory like the one above, and I use it the same way.

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  4. MyMemory

    I find this a good place to look up very specific terms in specialized domains. I have mostly translated technical stuff, but I think it works in all domains.

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Do you know someone who would benefit from the list above?

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