3 Translation Hacks That Can Help You Earn More Money

Do you want to make more money translating? These are some of the hacks that I have applied to my ways of working as a translator.
  1. Use a CAT tool

    CAT tools like OmegaT, memoQ and Trados will help you remember how you translated a particular term or sentence previously. If you have to constantly make a decision on how to translate basically the same thing over and over again, because you can’t remember exactly, how you translated it previously, you’ll be wasting time. You should be translating more words instead.
  2. Batch your email replies

    If you have to switch back and forth between your email in-box and your translation task, the interruption will cost you extra time, because it takes time to reboot your brain each time you have to start again.
  3. Get an Office With a Door

    Take control of the disturbances coming at you from the outside. If you have a room with a door that can be closed, you can decide if you want to be interrupted. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t, but you can be more efficient when you make the decision.


Do you know someone who might benefit from these translation hacks?

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